Don't forget yourself when you plan your classroom for the school year. Here are 9 tips for eating right all year long -- and keeping you away from those faculty room temptations!

Your classroom is decorated, supplies are sorted, the Dollar Store has been ravaged, class lists are printed, lockers assigned, books sorted…yes, you feel ready for your students. But something is missing. It’s not the glue sticks or index cards…it’s how you are going to care for YOU this school year. We’ve all seen the faculty lounge — a landmine of donuts, snacks, leftover birthday cake, fast food. Things that we know we shouldn’t eat, but there they are…glittering with all… Read more »

Organization tips for teachers. 7 ways to organize paper and clutter in your classroom. #5 is my favorite!

  It seems like some people are born organized (take my sister!) and some people, not so much (ummm, that would be me). But that might be a slight exaggeration…because while I have no idea where my running shoes are or what I did with that recipe for tofu surprise, I DO know where my copy of Pride and Prejudice  is and where my secret chocolate stash is hidden (and I’m not telling!). I suspect that many people are like… Read more »

Wondering how to teach digital literacy? Teach your students how to use internet resources, think critically, and evaluate websites. A list of ten ways to strengthen digital literacy in your classroom. Number 2 is my favorite!

The internet is a wonderful place where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. The internet is a terrifying place — where you can learn all kinds of amazing things. Both of these statements are true!  Parents and teachers alike can see the benefits and perils of online information for children.  When our students are young and there is good parental and classroom control, using the internet is not too scary or dangerous.  But take a step into the… Read more »

    The first day of school is full of organizing, paper passing, and expectations.  While kids are happy to reconnect with friends, the business of the first day can be draining.  That’s why playing a game on the first day is a great way to engage students. I play Scattergories throughout the year with my class as a review game, but it’s also a great way to start the school year.  If your students will  work often in cooperative groups… Read more »