Get ready for school with this top ten list!

A Top Ten List for Back-to-School for ELA Teachers It’s back to school y’all!  (or as our students love to say, “All of y’all!”) Whether you’re a new or seasoned teacher — or somewhere in the middle — you’ll find you’re quickly caught up in the current of the school year.  Don’t forget to take a few minutes to set your goals and priorities for the year. I wrote this list for my nephew, who was preparing to start his… Read more »

When I was in middle school, I remember the excitement of hearing my teacher proclaim dramatically that today we would do “Creative Writing” as if it were a magical, once-a-year event (which, unfortunately, it was!).  I loved “creative” writing so much that I wrote my own stories at home.  Sure, school had plenty of writing practice, but it was reports, papers, essays…nothing that captured my attention like “Creative Writing!” Hopefully in today’s classrooms, “creative writing” isn’t something that we do… Read more »

After my post yesterday on the Periscope App, I spent some time brainstorming ways teachers could use the app in their classroom and school.  I’ve come up with quite a list, if I do say so myself! School Use for Periscope 1.  Principal morning message to teachers.  Rather than sending out a daily email to teachers, the principal could create a scope.  Think of all the positive energy a happy, enthusiastic scope would be to teachers. 2.  Email blast from… Read more »

Since last week, the Periscope app has been all over the Facebook pages, Instagram feeds, and blogs that I frequent (though it was launched in March). Periscope is a video that you share with viewers.  Viewers can interact with you by adding comments or floating hearts (so delightful!).  The video is available for 24 hours.  Viewers = the entire planet!! Like any new piece of technology, teachers immediately begin wondering how they can use it to meet the needs of their students…. Read more »

I’m participating in A Dab of Glue Will Do’s “Winner Wednesday” giveaway today. I’ve chosen Reading Badges:  Use genre stickers to motivate reading  for the giveaway.   I love this product because it motivates students to read a variety of genre– and adds a bit of competition to the mix.  There are 16 badges — 4 badges celebrate reading achievements or favorite books.  Just like those Boy Scout and Girl Scout badges that encourage kids to try new things and learn new… Read more »